Singapore Noodles

Singapore Noodles

As most of you know, I didn’t go to Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I was still recovering from my virus/throat infection/cough/loss of voice. So, I decided to get a taste of Singapore at home instead and cook Singapore Noodles ( a recipe from Delicious cookbook: Home cooking).
A recipe involving soaking shitake mushrooms and dried shrimps, cooking a stir-fry, and adding various sauces. As well as “placing noodles and peas in a large bowl, covering with boiling water, and soaking for 5 minutes”. The operative words here being “soaking” and “5 minutes”…
Needless to say, I’m not a great stir-fry cook, actually absolutely hopeless!
Well, I started cooking, adding ingredients, stirring, adding liquid because I thought the veges would be too crunchy, stirring more. And then came the time to add the noodles…I forgot the 5 minutes and I think it was 20 minutes later that I drained the noodles (which were thin and fresh Singapore noodles) and the peas. The peas were fine, not so the noodles! They came out as a mushy, gluggy, farineous mess. I did add them to what was now looking more and more like a cooking disaster. And I did add a little more liquid…
The photo speaks for itself: on the left, my noodles, on the right the gorgeous photo of what should have been…And to add insult to injury, I did offer some to my Sinaporean-Indian neighbour, who on seeing the stuff in the wok said “It looks like a stew” or some words to that effect! And she told me you don’t soak fresh noodles, you may want to rinse them but nothing more. A comment repeated and emphasised by other noodles experts.
Needless to say I chucked the whole lot in the bin (even the barbecued pork I had bought a the local Chinese restaurant was lost in the dish) and I haven’t heard from my neighbour…
In cooking experiments gone wrong, this will rank along my attempt to make brioche many years ago in Adelaide. My friends told me that the brioches would make nice “rocks” for my garden.
This a recipe I will never try again. Ever.
I think I will just stick to jams…

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