Monday Lifelines

Yes, I know, we are Friday, but time flies and I’m trying to catch up…

From “1001 facts that will scare the s#*t out of you” by Cary McNeal.

Fact: In April 2009, a Louisiana man was arrested for stabbing his sixty-three-year-old brother after the two argued over a can of pork and beans. The victim was treated for multiple stabs wounds to his arm and shoulder. The two men had been drinking when the fight began.  Alcohol and beans-always a recipe for trouble.

Fact: The bullet ant earned its name because of a sting that feels like getting shot with a gun. Some consider the  bullet’s ant sting the most painful of all insects, and pain can persist for up to twenty-four hours after contact. How would they know? Do they shoot a guy and let a bullet ant sting him at the same time and then ask him if the two feel the same?

Fact: Blowing your nose when you have a cold might feel good, but it can actually worsen your condition. Blowing generates enormous pressure and propels mucus into the sinuses, spreading viruses or bacteria potentially causing further infection. What’s the alternative? Just letting the snot run down your face?

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