Monday Lifelines

From “1001 facts that will scare the s#*t out of you”.

A man nearly died at an airport security checkpoint in Nuremberg in 2007 after drinking a full litre of vodka rather than surrendering it before taking his flight. The man became severely impaired and had to be taken to a hospital and  treated for alcohol poisoning. Unfortunately, he was one of the pilots, so the flight was delayed until someone else could be called in to take his place.

A retired teacher in California admits that he taught high school for seventeen years without knowing how to read or write. Neither could his students, so it all worked out.

Some scientists view love in terms of addiction, and they might be right. One study discovered that monogamous pairing is based in the same region of the brain as drug addiction. Losing your love can be like experiencing withdrawal. And for some, getting divorced can feel like ecstasy.

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