Monday Lifelines

From “F in exams” by Richard Benson. Because school starts again today, last term, only a few weeks left before CHRISTMAS!
Topic today is Mathematics. Aaaah, the good old days!

Change 7/8 to a decimal.

A car company is having a sale. A car that was £25,000 before the sale now has 50 per cent off. What is the new price?
Still too expensive.

You are at a friend’s party. Six cupcakes are distributed among nine plates, and there is no more than one cake per plate. What is the probability of receiving a plate with a cake on it?
Nil, if my sister is invited too.

x is inversely proportional to the square of y. x=3 and y=4. Express x in terms of y.

There will be a prize for the correct answers…

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