Monday Lifelines

From “1001 facts that will scare the s#*t out of you” by Carry McNeal. And from the section “Not-so-proud moments in history”.

King John of England died in 1216 from overeating. There wasn’t much else to do in 1216.

The Classic Mayan civilization thrived for over 600 years before collapsing abruptly in the 9th century. The cause of their extinction is unknown, and still debated today, more than 1,100 years later. By nerds with nothing better to do.

Russia was founded in the ninth century by Vikings traveling between Scandinavia and the Byzantine Empire; the nation began as essentially a by-product of their slaves raids. The United States began as a by-product of Christopher Columbus not knowing where the hell he was going.

And this one is especially for my Swedish friends…
After victory in battle, Vikings drank the blood of vanquished enemies from human skulls, hence the Scandinavian toast, “Skol!” Is there really any other way to drink blood?

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