Monday Lifelines

From “Foolish words, the most stupid words ever spoken” by Laura Ward.
About culture…

I never read any novels except my own. When I feel worried, agitated or upset, I read one and find the last pages soothe me and leave me happy. I quite understand why I’m so popular in hospitals.
Barbara Cartland

His ears make him look like a taxicab with both doors open.
Howard Hughes, director, passing judgement on Clark Gable

Rock and roll is phony and false. And it’s sung, written and played for the most part by cretinous goons.
Frank Sinatra, in 1957

My dear fellow, I may be dead from the neck up, but rack my brains as I may, I can’t see why a chap should need thirty pages to describe how he turns over in bed before going to sleep.
Rejection letter to Marcel Proust for Swann’s Way (one volume in the series Remembrance of Things Past – A la recherche du temps perdu).

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