Dag deals of the week: food glorious food!

What would Christmas be without some serious good food? Here is a small selection…
Pick of the day: Turkey Breast Buffé. Is the turkey for a buffet? or is the turkey buffed? Can someone please explain the word “buffé”? And of course, duck fat for Bec’s stocking…

2 thoughts on “Dag deals of the week: food glorious food!

  1. I hope you have posted the duck fat to me, Anne! Personally, I would prefer the Spam, don’t you think? And did you notice that the ham is limited to only four per person? What a shame — I wanted to buy at least 10 legs of ham this Christmas …

    1. I can understand your disappointment Bec! I recommend you go for the pork instead. Paired with mint sauce and mayonnaise, it will be a classy dish to impress your family! And I was going to send you some duck fat, but decided to keep the tub for me. I have used it to make a face and foot balm. I added chilli sauce, steamed broccoli and rum balls. A lovely texture to slap on the required parts of the body that need that little extra attention. Worked a treat!

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