Monday Lifelines: how to speak kiwi part 1

A trip to New Zealand is the perfect opportunity to brush up my Kiwi accent. Here it goes.

How to speak New Zealander.
For bist efict, rid these aloud!!

Milburn – capital of Victoria
Peck – to fill a suitcase
Pissed aside – chemical which kills insects
Pigs – for hanging out washing with
Pump – to act as agent for prostitutes
Pug – large animal with a curly tail
Nin tin dough – computer game
Munner stroney – soup
Min – male of the species
Mess kara – eye makeup
McKennock – person who fixes cars
Mere – mayor
Leather – foam produced from soap
Lift – departed
Kiri Pecker – famous Australian businessman
Kittle crusps – potato chips
Ken’s – Cairns
Jumbo – pet name for someone called Jim
Jungle Bills – Christmas carols
Inner me – enemy
Guess – vapour
Fush – marine creature
Fitter cheney – type of pasta
Ever cardeau – avocado
Fear hear – blonde
Ear – mix of nitrogen and oxygen
Ear roebucks – exercise at the gym

1 thought on “Monday Lifelines: how to speak kiwi part 1

  1. Et déja mon anglais est plus que vacillant, et je voudrais essayer de comprendre ces déformations de l’italien et de l’anglais ?

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