My year without buying books.

Although it was my challenge this year not to buy any books (I have so many I haven’t read yet!), I have sometimes “slipped” for extraordinary circumstances. Like when I’m on holidays (which happens a lot!), or when it’s my birthday (shame, only once a year!), or when I need to make a gift (and in this case I use white cotton gloves to read the book before I give it away so as not to leave any marks on it – only kidding!) or when there is a book sale and money goes to charity (it’s for a good cause says the little voice in my head…).
So last Saturday, there was one of those in which I picked:
– cookbooks (how funny is that?),
– a couple of detective novels ( Agatha Christie, always a favourite),
– and a travel book (yep, I’m on my way!).
The funniest of them all was a children’s book , ” Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes” by Susan Martineau.
Perfect recipes include Sick on Toast, Disgusting Dips (Yuckamole and Cement), Munch a Monster, Snot Surfers, Dead Man’s Hand, Cowpat Pudding and Axeman’s Snacks.
I love books, and it will be nice when my self-imposed ban is lifted on Christmas Eve (only 8 weeks away!). I will be on holidays by then…
As for making progress in reading my pile of unread books, I’m working on it, slowly but surely. And the fact that I still go to the library and that people have given me books doesn’t help!

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