24 hours with Bobbi.

A few weeks ago, I was in café, waiting for my friends so we could have breakfast


and I found a copy of Harpers Bazaar magazine. What caught my eye was this photo:
Amazing pair of shoes! Who wears this? Secret heel compartement? Yeeeaaahhhh!

So just for that, I felt I needed to take this magazine home. After some tight negotiations with the waitress (it was after all from May 2015!), I managed to secure this prime example of a magazine. As you know (or not), I’m a prima donna of fashion, style and class. Perfect for me.

Best thing though was reading the whole thing at home. And I came across this feature: “The A-List. 24 hours with Bobbi Brown”.

For you uncultivated people out there, Bobbi (I feel like I’m her best friend already) is involved in the cosmetics industry. And as Harpers Bazaar says, “The cosmetics queen’s makeup mantra is real beauty for real women. Which is why she is tackling Michelle Obama’s makeup one minute and slobbing about in an Ikea bathrobe the next…”.
All I can think of is, which Ikea sells bathrobes? Not here in Perth…

So it’s about 24 hours in the life of Bobbi. Fascinating stuff! Between her Bulletproof coffee made with coconut oil, her resident office manicurist, her hairstylist who comes daily to wash her hair, and her pair of skinny jeans with holes in them (Zara or Aje, mind you), I was fascinated by this profound insight in the life of a busy and successful business woman.

And it made me realise that there are millions of people out there who have equally fascinating lives which we never read about.
See where I’m going with this?

So. 24 hours with…
I have so far interviewed Shazza Rinehart from Rockingham and I’m still looking for Colin Firth, hoping he will reveal an honest account of his wet shirts practice…

And in the last hour it took me to write this, I totally lost track of MY LIFE!
I was running a bath in my newly renovated marble bathroom, forgot about it. And guess what? The house is flooded! Well, not all of the 405m² of it, but pretty much the 3 kitchens, 25 bathrooms, toilets (I forgot how many) and corridors with inroads in my bedrooms and walk-ins wardrobes (8). I knew I should have talked to my personal-on-call-24/7-plumber about installing an emergency alarm for overflowing containment.

Next time, it won’t happen. I won’t be trying to do too many things at once. Like listening to Eurovision Best Of, preparing my next supper for my 300 closest friends, sorting out my jam closet and blogging about Bobbi!

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