Easter: what I ate…

Don’t believe in the Easter Bunny: believe in the Easter Piglet!

Pickled prawns.
Pork rillettes and salmon rillettes.
Spinach, feta and pinenut hummus.
Hot-smoked salmon cheesecake.
Easter pie.
Portugese chicken.
Upside-down plum cake.
Crème Anglaise.
Raspberry sorbet, gluten-free chocolate cake (this is to say it was a full-fat chocolate cake!) and lemon, orange and Earl Grey tea madeleine.

And there was also a delicious lunch of sausage pappardelle at Jamie’s in Perth and my Indian neighbour’s divine calamari curry.

All of this shared with good friends, accompanied by copious amount of alcohol and in a state of contented bliss. What more do you need?

Reality check?

Thank God, I also believe in the Easter Bunny!

Till Christmas…!

2 thoughts on “Easter: what I ate…

  1. Hi Anne, yum! Would love the recipe for the gluten free chocolate cake and for the Easter Pie and for the Portuguese chook! Not that I’m demanding or anything!
    Love Bec xo

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