I got the recipe for this SUPER-QUICK GARLIC AND THYME BREAD from a book I borrowed at the library: “Eating well made easy” by Lorraine Pascale.
Homemade bread at its best, simple and very tasty.


425g spelt flour, plus extra for dusting
5 spring onions, finely chopped
3-4 garlic cloves, depending how garlicky you like it, very finely chopped
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp finely grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
leaves from 1 large handful of fresh thyme (about 2 tbsp)
1 large pinch of dried chilli flakes or chilli powder
1 tsp fine sea salt


    1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (fan 180°C).
    2. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl, add 225ml of warm water (from the tap) and mix together well. If the dough is feeling a bit dry, then add a tablespoon more warm water to bring it all together.
    3. Lightly dust your work surface with flour and knead the dough for a moment or two to give a big ball, about 13cm wide and 4cm thick, with a nice taut top. I tuck the edges of the dough underneath the ball, which makes the top nice and tight, resulting in a much prettier loaf coming out of the oven.
    4. Sprinkle a baking sheet with a little flour, pop the dough on to it and then use a sharp knife to make three to five slashes on top.
    5. Bake in the oven for 30-35 minutes or until the loaf is firm to the touch and sounding hollow when tapped underneath. Let it cool for a few minutes.
    6. Eat!

I thought that 5 spring onions were a bit much, but it gives some nice moisture to the bread. It’s best eaten on the day, but it froze really well. I ate it with cheese and also dips.
I will make it again using buttermilk.
The original recipe had the bread served with “posh” baked beans.

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