FashionAdvisor: Eurovision Glamour

This year, the theme for the Eurovision party at my Swedish friends was Tiara and Tuxedo.

No need to be shy about glam events such as those! Embrace your divine-divaesque inner child and go overboard with glitz!

Start with a ball gown. Chanel or Dior should do. Or a  5 dollars job like mine… Add a wig (preferably the total opposite of your natural hair colour and hair style). If you can’t get a wig, then go on, treat yourself and use scissors to rejuvenate your tired look (best done after a few champers, in the dark with no mirror) and do that blond dye-job at home.
Add a pair of shoes that will highlight your delicate ankles and your nail polish (“snake, rattle and roll” is always a good colour). If by some unfortunate twist of nature and DNA your ankles are not delicate, cover them with alfoil to give it a more slimming effect and detract attention from them.
And as accessories go, you can’t go pass a ribbon thingy with a brooch or in my case, a star fish.
Next, the JEWELS! My advice, darlings: the more, the better! Spare no expenses! Bling bling galore!
Gloves are also a must.
And nothing will complement your outfit better than a tiara. Restrained but oh so chic and regal!

I have now rebranded as Queen Constance…

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