Monday Lifelines

From “The little book of stress” by Kaz Cooke.

Gardening: that yard is full of thorns and poisonous thingies. Get a noisy weed whacker and lay into it. With a bit of luck, it may lead to another fight with the neighbours.

Have a baby, move house and get divorced at the same time. You might also like to begin a new job and come out of the closet, just to get everything over and done with at once.

Practice frowning and sneering. These expressions take more muscle work than smiling and will therefore give your face a good work-out.

Try to be funny all the time. Everyone likes a laugh, so make sure you slip a pun into every sentence. If nobody laughs, try two or three puns.

Put each sock in a different drawer. This will present more of a challenge when you’re late for work.

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