On the Camino. Day 15. San Anton.

I thought I would put a separate post for this place.
“This was the ancient monastery and hospice of the Antonine Order founded in France in the 11th century and connected to the work of the hermit Saint Anthony of Egypt San Anton Abad patron saint of animals and usually depicted with a pig at his feet. The Order’s sacred symbol was the “T” shaped cross known as the Tau – nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and symbolising divine protection against evil and sickness. Increasingly referred to and worn as the Pilgrim Cross Cruz del Peregrino. The Order was known for its ability to cure the medieval scourge known as St Anthony’s fire (a fungal skin disease often turning gangrenous leading to death) essentially by using the power of the Tau (love) in its healing practice.”
(From “The Way of St James” by John Brierley).
It is a donativo (you give what you want for the night), where you can sleep (no electricity) and share a meal.

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